Welcome.  I’m Ben. I write this thing. So why are people named Mack, Jack, and Jill doing the entries? Well. the truth is I didn’t want this blog to be just a journal. So I decided to filter my experiences through three fictional characters. This gives me a challenge and allows me to dramatize and heighten. That way the entries become stories and not just recounts. Though I must confess, some of the entries I didn’t really change all that much. But on the flip side some of it is 100% a creation of my imagination.

Originally I started it when I lived in New York so Mack, Jack, and Jill were all roommates. Now I’ve moved into to Los Angeles, so I’ve split the three of them up. Jack tends to be the writer side of me, Mack is relationship blogger, and Jill? Well she’s a bit of a wild card.  Comments are always welcome. And why not writing comments to the characters themselves? Maybe they’ll reply back to you.

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