My new home. –By Jill

03 Dec


First off, let’s set the mood.

‘K. Now that that’s done. I found my new home and it’s on the upper west side of Manhattan!  Mack, that creepy guy from work (who’s actually pretty cool) needed a new roommate.  The other roommate, Jack is kinda a shut in.  He does a lot of writing and smells kinda funny. I was a little nervous about living with two guys but I had to get out of the Aunt and Uncle’s. So if I end up a bloody corpse, at least know I wasn’t bored.

The rents not bad. It’s on the 5th floor and my room basically has space for my bed…that’s it. But the living room is spacious and the kitchen has everything you need…and more. Like little friends who come out when it is dark and hide under magazines. It’s my first place in New York. I’ll get the luxury palace eventually.

I was on call last night at the restaurant, which means I have to wait around till 6:15 pm, then call to find out if they need me or not. Kinda ruins your night.  But I was excited to finally have a night to explore the city and not have to catch a Metro North to New Rochelle. The Christmas season in the city has seriously kicked into overdrive. I was going to go Rockefeller Center to see the tree but it was packed. Beyond busy, with people around Radio City Music Hall (seeing the Rocketts?) There were gates to stop pedestrians from walking into the street which condensed everyone into a massive seas of bodies on the sidewalk.  So instead you get this picture.

Other than a stalled train and a burrito, I went home pretty early. But I did find this awesome video.

-That’s it for me.   😛

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