Snow in your face, money in your pocket, a place to call home. And monsters! — By Jill

03 Nov

It’s been a while. Sorry for the hold up. But lots has happened.

1) I got a job. It’s this little Italian place around the Meat Packing district. Seems pretty chill. The staff is a different cut than my old Seattle Starbucks family. Katie, Sasinya, and Tall Tony, no one will ever replace you!  Getting out of there kinda sucks though.  We all have to leave together after all the customers leave. So I can be there pretty late. There’s this one guy who’s kinda sleazy. While he was training me he kept hitting on me the whole time. I’m not too worried, I’ve dealt with worse.  But whenever he wants me to move he tries to “guide” me with his hand rather than just asking me to move.

2) It snowed. In OCTOBER!!! And not just a few flakes. There were mounds of snow on the sidewalks, slush in the streets, and white blanketed cars. It was cool because it was the first weekend I had where I wasn’t looking for a job and could actually enjoy the city. I bought a jacket on sale to bundle up. 🙂

3) HALLOWEEN. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go out and have Halloween fun. I had to train at the restaurant. But on the way home I got a good taste of the craziness. New York doesn’t take this holiday lightly. No matter that it was still 30 degrees, girls were waiting in line outside clubs wearing almost nothing, kids were trick-or-treating well passed midnight, and the subway…oh the subway. Never have I felt such a sense of community on a mass transit system before. One Thriller inspired Michael Jackson did a dance up and down the rail car. A little girl was scared of a man in a giant red mouse head and the two 20 something girls stopped at nothing with the mom until the girl was smiling again. I really wish I had gotten a costume.



4) Finally, I can start looking for an apartment and get out of New Rochelle. It sucks when you meet the tenants and they ask what you do. There was one place where we clicked so well but the minute I told them I was unemployed they said “Thank you, but you’re not what we’re looking for.” So frustrating.

Kick ass Pandora station.
Give it a  listen.



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2 responses to “Snow in your face, money in your pocket, a place to call home. And monsters! — By Jill

  1. rilee98

    November 5, 2012 at 11:17 am

    The mouse reminds me of Summer Wars, have you seen it? I think you’d like. 🙂


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